Welcome Laura!

Alfred University Libraries is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Laura Habecker for the position of Digital Projects and Archives Assistant. You can find Laura in Scholes, in the digitization lab near the Mac Lab, or on the 3rd floor in the College Archives.  We are very happy to add Laura to the Library family. habecker
AU Libraries Apex Intern Haleigh Youll asked Laura some questions to help Alfred students and staff get to know what a great addition she truely is.
What was your background before Alfred University?
I came from Houghton College where I was the College’s Archivist for 3 years, my husband has worked therein ITS for 6 years. Before that we were missionaries in Alaska for 9 years in a small town of 500 people called Glennallen, 4 hours east of Anchorage.
What is your educational background?  
I have a BS in Communications (Major: Mass Communications, Minor: Interpersonal Communications) from Ohio University and a MA in Christian Thought (Theology and Church History) from Biblical Theological Seminary
 What are you excited to accomplish in your new role? 
I love how inclusive the archival philosophy is here. All Faculty and Students can end up having their work included in the College of Ceramic’s story. I also want to learn more about digitizing those works.
 What areyou most proud of?
My boys. Chris is 16 and Jon is 12, or the fact that we are still together as a family after we crossed this continent 3 times in our mini van starting when the boys were 2 and 5 1/2 years old. 2 weeks of driving 9-5, then a hotel with a pool, repeat. I don’t go anywhere without duct tape, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Ever.
Who is your biggest supporter?
 Do you have any pets?
Wrangell (named after a volcano in Alaska, the name means “weather stopper”). He is probably 10-11 years old, was abused and rescued. It took him 2 years to bark (though he is part chihuahua) and we had to teach him to eat dog food. His favorite food is pizza and veggies.
 One thing you wish you knew when you were 20?
At 20, I had been a Christian for 2 years. Life as an adult can get really really hard. I wish I had understood how much better life is with Jesus at the center of my life, not just on Sundays.
 What do you do to relax?
Read, garden, fiber arts, family time (often spent watching one of my boys in soccer, basketball, band, art exhibits…)
 What is a skill or hobby you’d like to learn?
 What is your favorite place in the libraries?
Libraries are my happy place…I have to choose one spot?!
Is there anything about you that others would be surprised to know?
My time in Alaska is chuck full of crazy stuff.  I’ve eaten roadkill (moose, caribou and salmon). Come ask me and I’ll tell you how you get roadkill salmon. The coldest we lived through was -56F. The scariest earthquake we had scored a 5.6. My kids didn’t get a snow day until is was -50F…but they could have outdoor recess until -20F. My son Chris’s nickname is Eagle Bait. Our first spring there he was 15 months old and sitting in the driveway while I was in the garage. I looked over and saw a bald eagle flying right at him. I realized he weighed less than a salmon! and had to chase it off like a momma bear. I had no weapon. Just my voice and my waving arms. It was only afterwards that I realized I had taken on a bird of prey with a 7.5 foot wing span, and nothing to fight with.

Beginning a New Role

Alfred University Libraries welcomes Rebecca (Becky) Stewart as Technical Services Assistant.  Becky is learning cataloging and other specialized skills that help get library materials into students’ hands.  Becky is not new to AU, but we are celebrating her new role with the libraries.
AU Library Apex intern, Haleigh Youll, collected some fun facts about Becky and her life!
What was your background before Alfred University?  stewartr
Retail that led into being a general manager for 8 years.  I decided to take on a slower role shortly after the birth of my twins. Most recently before coming to AU, I worked as a pre-school teacher. 
What is your educational background?  
I graduated Hornell High School, Class of 1999. Wildwood Education Center – Automated Office Practice -1999. Olean Business Institute – Business Management 2006. Eastern Gateway Community College – Accounting, Currently enrolled. Several Trainings for Child care safety, First Aid, Food/Nutrition classes. Currently enrolled in ALCTS – Fundamentals of Cataloging online course.
What are you excited to accomplish in your new role? 
Order/organization in the various holdings throughout the library.
What are you most proud of?
I started my career at AU as a Janitor. I want to learn as much as possible to support AU all the way around.
Who is your biggest supporter? 
My mom – forever my best friend.
Do you have any pets?
I have several: 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 goats, 8 ducks, 1 potbellied pig, 1 bearded dragon, and too many chickens to count.
One thing you wish you knew when you were 20?
The importance of developing a personal relationship rather than trying to be strictly professional at all times with coworkers.
What do you do to relax? 
I enjoy reading. Gardening.
What is a skill or hobby you’d like to learn? 
How to sew.
What is your favorite place in the libraries?
1st floor and the various art placed around.

The Ripple Effect

Currently on display in the Scholes Library Project Space

The Ripple Effect: A student curated show in the Scholes Project Space. Available through March 6th, during regular library hours. The show draws from the work created during Stephanie McMahon’s Fall 2019 Water Based Media class.
Artists include:
Lauren Boshart, Clare Stephenson, Brianna Wacenske, Jaclyn Doyle, Angela Childs, Carrie Dugan, Jessica Lake, Brigitte Denome, Cynthia Stasio, Tim Sears ,Ryn Sczudlo, and Paige Wetherwax.
Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 3.43.03 PM