Welcome to the Alfred University Library News Blog!

This blog, which we’ll more fully start posting to in January, is a replacement for the previously separate Herrick and Scholes Library blogs.  Since much of our news was relevant to both libraries, we decided to consolidate!

While we’ll certainly be using this blog to keep you up to date on official library news, it will also be much more than that.  We’ll be covering everything from our collections and services to theme posts dealing with university events, interviews with students and faculty, and, of course, news about upcoming library events or policy changes.  This eclectic mix will be made even more varied by our range of contributors, librarians and staff members from both the Scholes and Herrick Libraries.  Though many of our posts will be relevant to both libraries, some will give you the opportunity to explore a facet of one of the libraries more in-depth.

We welcome your feedback and questions in the comments section, and, while we’re at it, any suggestions for future blog posts!  Feel free to leave us a note about anything you think we should write about in the future.

More coming soon!