Time Travel Sunday and Leadership Monday!

What a fabulous turnout for last night’s owls (and snake)! We’re getting to the halfway point of the Harry Potter’s World series, so if you haven’t had a chance to come to one of the talks, you might want to get on that. Fortunately, we have back to back talks this coming week:
Arithmancy Lecture – “Time Turners and Time Travel Are Totally True”
Sunday, September 27th  •  4:00 pm  •  Herrick Library Seminar Room
Dr. David DeGraff
The idea of time travel, and being in two places at the same time may seem to require a witch’s or wizard’s skill, but the laws of physics do not forbid time travel.  What are the rules of totally true time travel? What could you do, and what would be forbidden? We will also look at some actual time machines you can build in your basement (if only you could find that one missing part). 

Defense Against the Dark Arts Workshop – “Accio Leadership Skills: Lessons in Leadership Theory from Harry Potter”
Monday, September 28th  •  12:00 pm  •  Judson Leadership Center
Ana Gauthier
This workshop will explore classic leadership theories and styles through the lens of Harry Potter, using the characters as examples of varying styles, and levels of leadership development. We will examine the Social Change Model of Leadership, the Leadership Challenge, Kohlberg’s Morality Scale, and Chickering and Reisser’s Vectors of Human Development. Brown bag lunch workshop.