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What is the Eclipse of 2024?

Total Solar Eclipse Corona

The eclipse on April 8th is a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which fully blocks sunlight for a period of time. This is an exciting celestial event and the next total solar eclipse to be visible from New York is not until 2079!

Eclipse-Themed Playlist Compiled by I Love NY

Where is the Eclipse?

Alfred, NY is very near to the path of totality, though not quite within it.  Alfred University’s campus will experience a partial eclipse, though not a total eclipse, this will still be an exciting event. For the fullest experience travel to the path of totality, if you can. Whether you can travel to totality or not, you need eclipse glasses or other eclipse viewer for safe viewing. National Weather Service Total Solar Eclipse Information

Path of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse through Western NY.
Image Credit: National Weather Service

When is the Eclipse?

In the Alfred University area, the first contact of the moon with the edge of the sun will be close to 2pm. Peak coverage is around 3:21pm.

Events of the day of the Eclipse:

The campus and public are invited to view the eclipse on the Fiat Lux Lawn, between Herrick Memorial Library and The Powell Campus Center near the King Alfred Statue and the Fiat Lux sign on Monday, April 8th from 2pm-4:30pm. A live stream of the Eclipse will take place in Nevins Theater in the Powell Campus Center. An AVI Foodtruck will also be onsite.


Resources about the solar eclipse recommended by Dr. Joshua Thomas, Director of Stull Observatory:

Safety Information

Suppliers of Safe Solar Viewers & Filters

How Can You Tell If Eclpse Glasses or Viewers Are Safe?

Where to get Free Eclipse Glasses in Alfred, NY:

  1. Residential Communities office in Bartlett, Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm
  2. Herrick and Scholes Libraries, open 7 days a week including evening hours: Library Hours
  3. Center for Student Involvement, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
  4. The Box of Books Public Library in Alfred. Box of Books Library Hours
  5. At Eclipse related events (Check AU Connect, Alfred Today etc.)