Placing Materials on Course Reserves

Faculty are invited to place course materials on Reserve at Alfred University Libraries. 

What are Course Reserves? 

  • The Library’s Course Reserves Service allows instructors to set aside books, DVDs, or other materials related to a current course for in-library use.   
  • Reserve lists typically include required and recommended reading for a course but can include other items.
  • Items will remain on reserve for the semester while the course is running. 
Student checks out reserve items at Scholes Library

Why place items on Course Reserve in the Libraries? 

  • This service allows students to share materials and can improve access to items that may be expensive or hard to obtain.   
  • Students have expressed appreciation for having required reading on reserve as this can create substantial cost savings for them. 

What can be placed on Course Reserve in the Libraries? 

  • Library materials such as books, DVDs, or other media.
  • Instructor-owned materials. (Items are returned at the end of the semester/year) 
  • Non-traditional items like shared equipment or small supplies needed for a course and which are a good match for storing in a library. Previous examples have included plug-and-play keyboards, specialized calculators, and small tool kits for group projects.   

How do I submit a Course Reserve Request? 

In Person 

  • Visit Herrick or Scholes Library and select the items from the shelf that you would like to place on Course Reserve. Or bring your own materials. 
  • Ask at the service desk for a Reserve Request form and complete the item and course information.
  • Plan to allow at least 3 business days for processing before the items will be available to students. 


  • For library-owned materials only. 
  • Email or with reserve requests for the respective location where you would like the item(s) available.
  • Your email should include:
    • Name of the course
    • Course number and section number
    • Permalinks to the library items through our online catalog, Primo. Use the search box on our homepage to get started.
  • A screenshot of where to find the permalink on an item record is below.
  • Plan to allow at least 3 business days for processing before the items will be available to students. 

Do you have an Electronic Reserve Service? 

  • For information on linking library materials in Canvas contact your liaison librarian or email

For more information:  


Email questions to: 

For information on textbook alternatives like Open Education Resources (OER) email Scholarly Communications Librarian, Samantha Dannick at