LibChat is Live!

AU Libraries are pleased to announce a new way to ask questions and engage with librarians and staff…LibChat!

LibChat is a chat reference widget embedded on the website.

Active LibChat Widget

If you see this box pop up on the AU Libraries website, it’s not an AI bot-there’s a live human on the other side ready to assist you.  Librarians and staff will be online to monitor the chat Mondays-Fridays between 9:15am and 4:15pm (minus a noon hour lunch break for the humans). We are happy to assist you with everything from quick questions or in-depth research.

Minimized LibChat Widget

If you see the small chat icon in the corner, you can also start a chat this way.  If there is no one online at the time your message will be saved, and we’ll get back to you soon.

We invite you to give it a try!

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