New electronic, primary source collection: Black Life in America

Alfred University Libraries has a new, primary source collection: Black Life in America from NewsBank. This electronic resource explores the African-American experience as recorded by the news media from 1704-1975. Black Life in America includes over 400 African-American publications and draws resources from over 19,000 U.S. and global news sources. The collection offers perspective into centuries of African-American history and culture.

The new Black Life in America database is part of AU Libraries’ ongoing commitment to create more inclusive collections via actively adding the work of BIPOC scholars to library collections and adding resources to support anti-oppression research and work.

To explore the Black Life in America database, users will need to interact with the website directly. You can find Black Life in America in AU Libraries’ Databases A to Z or via this permanent link

The Black Life in America interface can be explored via traditional searching methods, such as using keywords and Boolean operators—it can also be searched via location, using a map to identify and narrow down publications from specific regions and locales. 

Black Life in America groups resources into the following historical eras: Arrival in America (Beginning-1783), Antebellum (1784-1860), Civil War (1861-1865), Reconstruction (1866-1877), Jim Crow (1878-1922), Great Migration (1923-1944), and Civil Rights Movement (1945-1975). Within each era, users can find curated information of activist groups and protests, court decisions, education, government, labor, laws and legislation, literature and the arts, military, notable people, religion, science and technology, society and culture, and unrest and acts of violence. There is also era-specific curated information within each historical section. 

For more information on how to search and navigate the Black Life in America database, please watch the following video from NewsBank: