Welcome (Back) Haleigh Youll!

This past fall semester, Haleigh Youll joined the Alfred University Libraries as our newest team member, taking on the role of Public Services Assistant. She is quickly making her mark in the libraries! You may have seen her at the service desk of Herrick Memorial Library or one of her displays in the BookEnd Lounge.

What was your background before Alfred University?  
I graduated from Olean Highschool in 2017 and completed my undergraduate degree at Alfred University in December of 2020. I am currently taking classes online through the University at Buffalo for a Master of Library and Information Science and am planning to graduate in the spring of 2023.

I have had so many different jobs over the years, ranging from assisting teachers for dance classes, daycare, substitute teaching and even cleaning horse stalls for barns. As far as library experience goes, I was a work-study student in both of the Alfred University Libraries throughout my time as an undergrad. I loved every minute of it. After college, I spent some time working in public libraries but was eventually sucked back into the world of college libraries. As a bonus, I am also currently an Instructional Support Assistant at Alfred State College’s Hinkle Memorial Library too!  

What interests you about your current position?   

I think what interests me the most is how diverse my role can be throughout the libraries. I feel like I always have different projects to work on and can learn so many different skills. One day I could be working on a project to meet the needs of our student workers and the next I could be creating a display.  

What social media platforms do you use?   

I think most of the population fell on the TikTok train shortly after the pandemic hit so I would be lying if I said this wasn’t my most used social media app. While I don’t make any videos myself, I love to add funny sounds to videos of my dog Butters (@buildingbutters).  

Can you share one of your research tips? 

One of my favorite things to do when tackling a large amount of reading or research is using the search function (ctrl+F) and looking for keywords through the document. If I find the article looks highly valuable to the research or assignment, I am completing I’ll go back and read the whole thing. If not, I pass.  

Do you have any advice for current Alfred University students? 

Take the time to build relationships with your professors. Don’t be afraid to attend office hours or stay after class to ask a question. I know some of my favorite conversations and some of the best advice has come from stopping in to see a professor during their downtime.  

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?  

I am an animal lover at heart, so if I am not at work, I am spending quality time with my horse Chap, dog Butters or two cats Stella and Otis. The ideal day would be a long cold morning at the barn with Chap followed by an afternoon nap with Butters and the cats.  

What is something new you would like to learn? 

I will be moving into a new house very shortly that has a greenhouse in the backyard. I am hoping to learn how to manage a small garden. I think I am going to start out with pumpkins, yellow squash, and cucumbers but even that intimidates me.  

What do you appreciate about the Alfred campus and community? 

I appreciate how welcoming and family-like the Alfred area is. I have never walked down the street without seeing someone smile, or even entered a store without hearing a hello. Sometimes, if I’m having a rough day and take a walk around town and people watch because I know the energy of everyone else will make it better.