Herbology Lecture, Thursday, September 10th, 7:30 pm

Hogwarts University classes are in session! We wound up having more people than could fit in the room for our first talk of the series with John D’Angelo; if you missed it, you can still join on this week. We’re having back-to-back Herbology (I’m assuming with the Hufflepuffs). First up, Kevin Ferst is speaking on Thursday evening on the topic of “Counteracting Spells Using Classic Chinese Herbal Formulas.”
From his description:
We will investigate several spells from the world of Harry Potter through the prism of Chinese Medicine and offer up classical Chinese formulae as the antidote.
He has already mentioned several very interesting parallels between Chinese herbal medicine and spells in the world of Harry Potter, so I’d encourge everyone to come!
The talk will be held at 7:30 in the seminar room in Herrick Library; library workers at the circulation desk will be happy to direct you if you’re not sure where to find it. Stay tuned to hear about our second Herbology class this Sunday!