The IEA welcomed New York, NY artist Guang Zhu as our artist in residence. Guang’s work is heavily influenced by her research into the history of mathematics and the explorations on parametric equations. She works with formulas and code to create whimsical abstract simulations that attempt to communicate from her mystic imaginations. She is fascinated by the artificial movement of mathematical visualizations and curious to explore what metaphysical understandings objects of art can offer in the embodiment of mathematical symbols and computational processes.

And if that went over your head a bit as it did mine when she was here, just know it makes for beautiful creations.

During her time at the IEA Guang focused on producing large-format digital prints and also got into a medium she’s never experimented with before: Woodblock printing. Utilizing the mathematical forms she created, Guang laid out prints for the Iris and Epson printers and used the Epilog Laser cutter/etcher to etch her mathematical drawings into woodblocks for printing. Getting really into the process, Guang created three modest editions of three different blocks on Somerset and Chinese hand-made papers. She also posted some of her work in the hallways and chatted with faculty and students of the Division of Expanded Media in the New York College of Ceramics about her work and process.

Below are some images of Guang working and some of the work she produced: