Q & A

How do you get to Alfred?

By car, Alfred is accessible from east/west Route 17/Interstate 86, the Southern Tier Expressway, via exit 33, Almond, as well as from the north by Routes 390, 15, 16, 19, 21, and 36. The Shortline/Coach USA Bus Company services Alfred three times daily from New York City with transfers to all major cities.


Are my travel expenses covered?

We provide you with $125 towards travel in New York State.
Travel support for national and international residency programs is on a case basis.


I am part of an artist duo/team/group, can we apply as a group?

Yes. Please submit contact information and a resume for each person in the group. Please only submit one project proposal, and if you often work as a team then you only need to submit one artist statement to represent the group as well. For groups larger than two we may need to work out lodging, which we address on a case-by-case basis.


Can I bring my kids?

Our studio is not an ideal environment for kids so please make arrangements for them while you are with us.


I am a student enrolled in a BFA or MFA program. Can I apply?

No, we unfortunately cannot accept applications from students who will be enrolled in any school during the residency calendar year. Please apply once you are out of school.


When and how are residencies scheduled?

Scheduling begins after we have contacted the invited artists, generally near the end of January. Residencies need to be scheduled for during the 2020 calendar year. Scheduling happens via first response first scheduled system.


My primary practice is not in electronic art, can I apply if I have a project which would involve electronic art facilities?

Yes, we encourage experimental practices and enjoy having artists outside of the fields of electronic arts. Additionally, we enjoy working with scientists and other researchers who feel they can use our facilities to advance their research and would also like to experiment in art making. Our technical staff will assist you in using our tools to produce your work.
The IEA residency provides opportunity for artists to engage experimental projects and does not operate as a service bureau. Applications simply requesting access to make prints of paintings and photos will typically be rejected. We like to support work which uses the facilities in dynamic ways, working across multiple processes to produce unique material or resources that one would not be able to achieve by simply visiting a printing press.

I noticed the IEA is affiliated with the School of Art and Design of the NYSCC at Alfred University. Do I have to include any interaction with the students in my project? Am I allowed to do so?

The residency is an opportunity for artists to experiment and generate new content while exploring new approaches to their practice. A residency at the IEA does not obligate you to have any interaction with School of Art and Design students. However, if you would like, we can facilitate events that involve the Alfred Community and School of Art and Design students.

I have had a residency at the IEA in the past, am I allowed to apply again for the current call for applications?

Yes. but we recommend some period of time between residencies. The IEA is constantly changing, adding new equipment, software, tools, etc. and we also know that artists who have had residencies in the past are also constantly changing, gaining new ideas, adding new skills to their skill set. It is always exciting to work with our past artists who come with new ideas and new projects.

I am an artist living outside of the areas your current call(s) specifies in the outline. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, current 2020 funding supports New York State artists. Any future calls for national and international artists in residence will be posted on our website and on social media. If you have a project that you strongly feel would not be possible outside of the IEA and see no other way to do it, you are welcome to submit a project proposal and we will consider the proposal and what if any opportunity we might have to support it.