During the week of May 19th the IEA welcomed Lindsey Glover from Trumansburg, NY as an artist in residence. Lindsey, who graduated from Cornell University’s MFA program and currently works there as a technical director, is a photographer and digital media artist investigating issues of time and space in photo, video, and installation work. Her works are “fragments of time distilled, brief incidents and fleeting glimpses turned into a material recollection.” Lindsey isolates single moments in time and then reconstructs these moments to encompass both experience and memory. Her work represents “sites of an apparitional presence turned into a celluloid recollection.”

During her time at the IEA, Lindsey experimented with a set of old, exposed, damaged Polaroid films she acquired, specifically the discoloration and decay around the signature Polaroid frame and discoloration in the film itself. Scanning these, she experimented with layering these on top of each other both in Photoshop and physically on the Iris printer, running one layer of an image and subsequent layers on top. Choosing the represent clouds in a landscape with the processed distortions from the Polaroid films, each image created has a lot of depth due to this layering technique while retaining an airy quality.

Below are a collection of images of Lindsey’s time at the IEA and her work produced here.