Jax DeLuca, Executive Director of Squeaky Wheel in Bullafo, NY, and Kyle Marler joined us for an artists residency the week of April 14th. Having just made work at Signal Culture of Owego, NY, through a residency there, Jax and Kyle came ready with a lot of material to work with and transform into a lot of new and exciting forms.

The overall theme of Jax and Kyle’s work during their residency could be layering. During their time at the IEA, the duo laser etched video grabs from their work at Signal Culture into wood blocks and printed those onto digital prints, also from video grabs, creating almost a keying or matte effect in print form. They also layered wood block prints on top of each other in cyan and magenta, perhaps a reference to anaglyphic red-blue 3D video. An another series of work, Jax and Kyle printed video stills onto transparency, pairing them together and allowing viewers to create their own composites of two or more printed video stills. Additionally, Jax and Kyle further processed the video and sound work they produced at Signal Culture with the IEA’s video and sound equipment, layering the technology and tools of the two artist residency facilities to create unique combinations of work.

Below is a collection of images of Kyle and Jax at work, as well as some images of the work they produced. Additionally, Jax and Kyle will be participating in an upcoming show at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY, Fall of 2014 as part of an exhibition being put together by Signal Culture. They intend to display some of the work produced during their residency at the IEA.