Over the week of May 20 the IEA was host to Daniel Temkin of Queens, NY as our Artist in Residence. Daniel is involved in a lot of different projects around how computers act and think versus how humans do, and bringing forth irrational forms from the highly rational world of computer logic. This work turns into projects that range from interactive computer applications to apparel (no, seriously).

During his time at the IEA, Daniel focused primarily on expanding his Glitchometry series of work. This work involves taking a basic image, reducing it to its raw data, subjecting that data to glitches, and then reorganizing that data back into an image. In addition to the tools and programs he has used with this project in the past, Daniel developed a Max/msp patch which allows him to glitch data and play with the parameters in real-time during his residency.

The below images are some of the prints he produced. The first image shows, to the far left, what the image looked like before glitching, and the following four are the results.