Through the week of April 22nd Henry Chung of Brooklyn, NY was our artist in residence. Henry comes with a background in engineering and photography as well as electronics and computer programming. His work focuses on ideas of memory, identity, and history and he uses a variety of materials from computer punch tape to Polaroid photos shot with a hacked pinhole camera of photos of an LED matrix.

It is with this series of work, titled “Representations of Memory” which Henry spent the bulk of his time exploring during his residency. The Polaroid photos were scanned on the SciTex EverSmart Pro scanner and enlarged from their small standard size to 24×32″ prints on the Epson 7900. In addition to this series, Henry also printed and constructed a set of accordion fold books based on this photo series, printing from the Epson 7900 and using our Epilog Laser Cutter to etch and cut out the covers.

Below are some photos of Henry at work and a selection of his images.