Over a two week period ending on May 31st the IEA was host to Sondra Perry as an artist in residence. Sondra is an interdisciplinary artist working in installation, video, sound, performance and digital imagery who investigates themes of desire, materiality, labor and power, historiography, and the performativity of race and gender. She has been a resident at Ox-Bow, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Experimental Television Center in addition to the IEA.

It would be a shorter task to list the IEA facilities Sondra didn’t use during her residency. Sondra made extensive use of the video studios, doing multiple shoots of herself and collaborators in full HD with the IEA’s Canon XF105 camcorders, and would edit the recordings to produce digital prints with for the Iris and Epson printers in addition to saving them for future video works. Sondra would also make extensive use of the Epilog laser etcher, producing works in mirrored glass as well as felt and ribbon while conducting experiments in other materials.

Below are some images of a few of the pieces Sondra produced during her residency.