Through the week of April 15th the collaborative team of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero, known as Luftwerk [looft•wurk] joined us from Chicago, IL, for a week long residency. Luftwerk work primarily in video installation and are perhaps most famous for their pieces “Luminous Field” and “Fallingwater”, large scale projection mapping pieces on the “Cloud Gate” sculpture of Chicago and Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” house outside of Pittsburgh, respectively.

Luftwerk spent much of their residency at the IEA working and making tests for a new series of installations that will be opening in Chicago in September 2013. A large focus of this was on tests for projection mapping onto a color spectrum to be displayed on one wall of the gallery space. Once mapped, Sean and Petra could project and assign different colors to any square in the color prints and effectively change it to any other color, giving them the ability to create moving, amorphous, shifting color spectra. Luftwerk were also generous enough to do an artist talk and discuss their work and process with the students of the Alfred University School of Art and Design and Alfred State College Digital Media and Animation program.

Below are some photos of their work and visit.

Luftwerk residency images and photographs taken by and prepared by Devin Henry, uploaded in April 2013 have been lost and are no longer on our server.