Justice Whitaker received his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production from New York University 2006. Justice spent over ten years working as a digital media educator in Brooklyn, and at Santa Fe University before shifting towards his love of writing, filmmaking and photography as his main medium for storytelling. Justice creates characters and scenes through a unique style of collage work that is rooted in his own original photography collections. Justice focuses on social justice and racial literacy through his work and is invested in sharing his craft with young creators in the interest of expanding the reach of artistic storytelling. He is recently married and lives with his wife in Brooklyn, NY.

Justice in IEA Studio, utilizing the Large-Format Printer.
Justice discussing his work and visual aesthetic.

Justice with photogravure prints.
Justice showing one of his photogravure print.
Another of Justice’s Photogravure prints.
One of Justice’s photgravure plates.