Kameron Neal is a video artist, performance-maker, and multidisciplinary designer. Forbes described Kameron’s exhibition at Detroit Art Week as “an absurd escape that simultaneously provokes and entertains.” Kameron is currently an NYSCA/NYFA Fellow and has been in residence at CultureHub, The Public Theater, Ars Nova, and Digital Graffiti. His video art has been featured in music videos and performances by Rufus Wainwright and Billy Porter. Kameron’s work has also been seen in The New York Times, HYPEBEAST, National Geographic and at BAM, DNC 2020, NOFF, SIFF, and the Williams College Museum of Art.

“BOX BRAID is a multi-channel video installation that depicts an infinite braid of Black hair slowly scrolling across 8 projection surfaces that surround the viewer. Each surface provides a surreal and intricately detailed peek into a world of it’s own. The piece is about time and tension. The longer you stay the more the braid reveals about where it’s been, where we are now and what’s to come. While I’ve been thinking about this piece for sometime, my residency at IEA was my first opportunity to start playing out these concepts in 3-dimensions. This residency provided me with space to write, to do a number of visual studies and think through the logistical hurdles of executing the piece. I built a DIY dolly that allowed me to suspend the braid horizontally and shoot photo and video of the braid in motion. I then composited that footage into a landscape of found photography and projected my progress on the walls of the Immersive Gallery along the way.” – Neal


Neal’s work installed in Immersive Gallery – I

Neal’s work installed in Immersive Gallery – II