Our September 17-21, IEA Visual Arts, artist in residence was Sung-Ah Jun.  It was a very productive week for Sung as she expanded her material approaches, and gained new learning useful to her print practice. She started off the week by using our Panasonic 4k camera, Canon EOS 5d Mark III and she tried out the VR Mirage Camera with Daydream. She photographed and shot video around the Harder Hall and on campus. After her first day recording, she settled into output, printing many images, including a portrait series on Xuan rice paper. The very warm tones of the paper met with the cool precision of digital photo-based images creating a striking tension within the images. Sung-ah Jun was especially pleased with her prints made on our Xuan papers. Pivoting from her prints on Xuan natural rice and bamboo, Sung also printed large-format contact sheet based images on Photo-Tex, an adhesive, repositionable‎ fabric paper. As well she made prints on traditional cotton-rag etching paper. During her checking on the prints, Sung at the same time rescanned the new prints with a handheld-scanner, generated and new images/imaging, concurrently creating a  series of new manipulated prints.  Lastly Sung-ah Jun used our laser engraver to engrave on both clear glass and mirror.

Sung-Ah Jun’s work carries various forms of art such as photography, film/video, painting, installation, sculpture, and digital arts. She believes that experimenting the unlimited potential is an augmentation. Sung-ah Jun received her BFA in Photography and MFA in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions and art fairs at Sungbuk Young Art Center, Seoul, Korea, Con Artist Collective, New York, NY and the The Other Art Fair, London, UK. Jun’s current artist residency takes place at Trestle Art Space, NY. Her work has been featured in The Creators Projects, Art F City, The Other Art Fair, and NewHive. She lives and works in New York City.