The IEA welcomed Renate Ferro as our artist in residence over the week of May 15th. A Professor of Visual Arts at Cornell University, Renate frames herself as a conceptual artist who toggles between the creative skins of old and new technologies. These are actualized through forms such as installation, interactive net-based projects, digital time-based media, drawing, and text. Often engaging with the concepts of memory and disclosure, Renate’s practice conjoins the making of art out of life’s materials and life’s materials out of art, blending the tactile material world with the networked, immaterial world.

During her residency, Renate explored her archive of video work from her Super 8 film and early low-resolution digital video projections, which she had previously experimented with image making from these sources on older technology via printing on various substrates with dot matrix printers. At the IEA she began work on an artist book derived from these images using our large format printers to print on heavy stock Japanese papers. These prints will ultimately become pages of a small edition of books to be stab bound at a later date.

Below is a selection of images from Renate’s time at the IEA.