The IEA was joined by Blake Marques Carrington for an artist residency over the week of May 22nd. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Blake holds an MFA from Syracuse University and works across a wide range of media including digital printmaking, audiovisual compositions, live visuals to accompany performances, and video installation user self-produced custom software – all falling a heading he calls “Speculative Forensics”. Focusing on the question “can information be lost?” Blake often translates his creations from one medium to another, asking the question of how accurately it could possibly return its original form.

During his residency, Blake spent the majority of his time with the Doupfer synthesizers, creating entirely new works as well as mixing and processing his own tracks through the inputs on these instruments. Blake brought in in own recordings and made new recordings here including making use of a prepared piano which happened to be in the studios. These recordings will be mixed for a new album Blake is currently producing as well as used in future performances and collaborations.