The IEA hosted Zorica Colić as a resident artist over the week of May 8th, 2017. Zorica’s work researches how contemporary life is structured and manipulated, with particular emphasis on the implications of the biopolitical management of human life. Through various hybridized forms of display, her works explore the complex relationships between politics, art and consumer worlds, examining how our lives are regulated or defined by taste, by-products, and by mass-distributed role models. The goal is to identify new ways to subvert normative mass culture in order to re-contextualize images and signs that have become inflated from over-proliferation.

Throughout her residency, Zorica focused on a new series of work spinning off from her series titled Well-beings. In this new series, Zorica shot video as well as still images of different parts of her body while assuming yoga poses. These clips were then cut up, fragmented, and recombined, in a similar manner as Well-beings, to create figures in these poses with various textures derived from other parts of her body with a lean-to grotesque textures and forms. Zorica intends to further process this media in her own studio.

Below are images from Zorica’s residency: