Over the week of May 26th the IEA welcomed D. Chase Angier, collaborating with Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero of Luftwerk. Angier is a Director, Choreographer, and Tenured Full Professor of Dance at Alfred University and also runs her own dance and performance organization, Angier Performance Works. Luftwerk is a collaboration between Bachmaier and Gallero whose work includes large, projection-mapped installations on various sites such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House and Millennium Park in Chicago, IL.

Angier’s project focused on planning and preparation for a performance installation she will be producing in January 2014 at the Fosdick Nelson Gallery of Alfred University, entitled As The Air Moves Back From You. This four-week exhibition will see different performances with shifting landscapes made up of 5,000 pounds of rice, evocative movement, and sensuous designs. Throughout the week Angier worked with Luftwerk and the IEA to plan the mechanics of Angier’s performance. Piling rice, preparing projection mapping, and planning performance, Angier and Luftwerk collaborated to have all of the details worked out before the January opening.

The exhibition opens on January 28th and will see Luftwerk coming back to set up the projection mapping for the performances. Below are some images from the setup and planning.