Brian Milbrand, of Buffalo, NY, joined us at the IEA for a one week residency the week of April 7th, 2014. Brian is an multidisciplinary artist whose work incorporates video, film, live performance, audio, and painting, often in combination with each other. He incorporates his interest and past study of science into his work, informing the video and audio work and manipulation he utilizes in his pieces. He was a founding member of Buffalo’s now disbanded Kamikaze Gallery & Media Center, and currently works at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center helping to put together and run the Front Yard projection installation at that facility.

During his residency, Brian utilized the IEA’s Epilog laser etcher/cutter to burn images onto film as well as cut rubber stamps to later be inked and stamped onto film. The burning onto film and the clay brown color that appeared was very much a happy accident, but one that lead to an exciting possibility that Brian continued to work on through his time at the IEA.

Below is some documentation of Brian’s work during his residency. Brian also intends to send us images and videos of the film being projected once he gets the film processed.