Through the week of June 3rd the IEA was host to Inhye Lee as our artist in residence. Inhye, who originally hails from Seoul, South Korea, and now lives and works out of Brooklyn, draws from inspirations such as childhood memories, performance arts, sound, humor, environmental issues, experience design, and interpersonal relationships, among other sources. With these inspirations, Inhye aims to transform the ordinary surroundings into a playground of sorts, where interesting stories arise and engage viewers both emotionally and viscerally with the experience.

Throughout her residency, Inhye focused a prototype for new interactive video work, titled “Accordion Face”. Utilizing Max/MSP, an Adruino, and sonar proximity sensors, Inhye’s piece allows viewers to manipulate a lucky participant’s face, squeezing, stretching, and distorting it while these actions also manipulate the sound being played along with the video. The form shown here is a prototype to test the patch, the ultimate form of this piece will probably differ from what is seen here.

Here are some images of “Accordion Face” as well as a video of it in action.