Desiree Leary was our guest in the Artist Residency program through the week of April 8th. Desiree, whose work often focuses on locations and our familiarity with them, made heavy use of all of our printing facilities in the production of over 100 hand-made and bound books, as well as a series of prints and laser etchings.

The main project, the books, utilized almost every printing facility we have. The pages were of a heavy weight paper cut down to size on the large guillotine cutter, then printed upon. The covers were also cut to size on this guillotine and the titles hand stamped using a rubber stamp made on-site with our Epilog Laser Cutter. The image index pages were folded to size with a brochure folding machine we have from the 1960’s and then all of the covers and pages were collated, hand-punched, and Wire-O bound.

Below are some photos of Desiree’s multiple projects in process.