Through the week of February 7th the IEA had electronic/computer musician and artist Brett Sroka of Brooklyn, NY as a visiting artist. A member of the minimal, electro-acoustic ensemble known as Ergo, Brett focused his time at the IEA working on a Max/MSP patch which allows Brett to record and process sound in real-time, adjusting levels, adding filters, and placing it in a 5.1 surround-sound space. The patch is also generative: after some initial input, the patch can be left to run for long periods of time and will continue to produce new threads of sound.

During his residency, Brett collaborated with several students of Alfred University and the NYSCC and we are very grateful to both Brett for working with our students and the student volunteers for helping Brett to further his project. We would like to thank Julia Nelson, Colby Charpentier, Alexandria Scott, Denzel Russell, Dan Cooke, Michaela Stone, Olivia Juarez, Sierra Sparks, and Sara Greenberg for their time and contribution to Brett’s project.

In addition to photos, a video sample of Brett collaborating with Michaela can be found below.