Through the week of February 18th-22nd the IEA had multidisciplinary artist Kristin Lucas as our artist in residence. Kristin frames her own work in the context between reality and what one sees in media, writing: “As a woman, I am creating a discourse within which to elucidate my relationship toward the electronic dream. I unravel the complexity of this relationship by setting up virtual interactions with mediated devices, such as automated tellers, public access television, computer games, and the World Wide Web.”

During her residency, Kristin collaborated with several of the students enrolled in the undergraduate program of the School of Art and Design at the New York State College of Ceramics of Alfred University. In front of green screens, participants were asked to perform actions with objects like one may see in stock video often utilized in commercial media. Much of this was mixed live, and Kristin plans to further process these recordings in her own studio. She also spent time with the Sandin video processor and recorded a lot of video for use in future projects.