Through the week of January 21st we were fortunate enough to have Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer as our artists in residence at the IEA. Ellie, an interdisciplinary artist who explores the interplay of humanity and ecology through drawings, environmental sculpture, and electronic media, and Dan, a new media hacker from originally from California, came to us from New York City where they live and work to further a project Ellie started involving watching the skies and observing the paths of planes, birds, and other things flying overhead, entitled Flight Lines. These videos were first processed in Processing with a script Dan helped to write which left trails behind of anything that passed through the frame of the video, and then this video was projected onto paper allowing Ellie to create drawings on paper.

A selection of these videos from the skies of Brooklyn and California were also put together and displayed in our Eights Media Showcase in the Smart Wall Space in Harder Hall.