A wrap up from a busy month, German artist and musician Emil Schult was here for a one-week residency in the middle of September 2012. Emil is perhaps best known for his work with the electronic band Kraftwerk, which he was once a member of and continued working with the band, designing their album artwork and writing some of the lyrics to their songs. Emil is also an accomplished painter, with an extensive variety of works that can be viewed on his website.

During Emil’s time at the IEA, in addition to many generous talks with students during classes and at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery show “Reading Through Beuys” which he contributed to, Emil worked on a far-reaching project, utilizing the laser-cutter facilities here on campus to cut from plexyglass a model of the first integrated circuit and using that in a painting work, as well embossing paper prints with the form. Emil also produced a series of digital prints using scans from a large collection of Joseph Bueys postcards he brought with him, altering and painting on them before scanning them and completing the works in Photoshop.