Recently, musician and painter Keith Rowe came back to the IEA for a solo residency. Keith, who comes from the jazz music world, started his career in the 1960s with Mike Westbrook and Lou Gare. Having more and more turned to free jazz, today he is seen as one of the masters of improvisation in the field of new electronics. During this residency Keith focused on a paper project in four versions which drew inspiration from a music score. These four drawings, made in charcoal, pen, torn paper, and torn paper and charcoal, were then scanned and photographed and, ultimately, printed in large-format on the Iris and Epson printers.

Keith also worked with Print Professor and IEA Co-Director Joseph Scheer on a digital laser-cut woodblock print. In collaboration with Andrew Deutsch, Professor of Sonic Arts, Keith made sound recordings during his residency and, together with Andrew, produced images on the Sandin image processor.