October 10, 2022

Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero met in 1999 while studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and soon discovered a shared interest in installations that transform and sculpt spaces using light, color, and texture, prompting them to found their own studio. Asked how they came up with the name Luftwerk, they reply: “We wanted to find a name that reflected how people experience our work.” Luft (air) stands for the ephemeral, immaterial properties of light. Werk (work, artwork) alludes to the materiality of surfaces, structures, and methods, and defines the framework in which light, color and sound take shape. Their work shifts the viewer’s perceptions of space and site and opens new conversations by inviting the public to experience the familiar transformed.

Petra and Sean inking an intaglio plate with Director Scheer.

Sean wiping intaglio plate in preparation for printing.

Sean setting the plate on press.