Scott continued development on “The Room Presumed”, a multi-channel video which utilizes machine learning + real time video processing to reveal paradoxes in “immersive” media. During his residency he documented a new 3-channel version, created new live video, and cast students as actors in the work. Experimented with rescanned Vectrex dis-assembling 3-D Object files through multi-level keyers. These will work their way into new iterations of “The Room Presumed” as 3-Ch. installation.

Scott hopes to show with Microscopes Gallery, NYC.

Scott Kiernan is an multi-disciplinary artist living and working in New York City. He is particularly interested in how meaning shifts through stages of translation via technology, speech and syntax.

Kiernan is founder and co-director of E.S.P. TV, a nomadic TV studio that explores televisual language through collaborations for broadcast. He also produces audio/visual editions by artists working across diverse media through his imprint Various/Artists.

He has exhibited and performed internationally in venues such as Museum of Modern Art (2020), New Museum, Museum of Arts and Design, Swiss Institute/Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum of American Art,  Anthology Film Archives, and CICA Rome.