Friday DEC, 4 2020 LIVE 8:00 pm performance at the IEA studio, Harder Hall Alfred University, Alfred, NY.
"lightsoundin_darktimes_001" performance by ADAM TINKLE

In the most lightless days of a tough year, I’ve been taking a lot of joy in my collection of brightly patterned shirts. Color and pattern give me energy, when I remember to really open my eyes — it’s just a matter of watching the light that bounces off my plaids and stripes and checks and whorls, and allowing that light allow it to positively influence my mood, outlook, and consciousness.

In my explorations of abstract video, I have found myself similarly drawn to textures that remind me of patterned cloth: if you point the camera at them, the cross-hatched raster lines of analog TV have an especially appealing resemblance to thread, especially when those signals start to crawl across the screen, created a drifting weave that reminds me of loomwork.

In this live stream,I’ll endeavor to weave my body into a patterned fabric of sound and video signals. And in each of three performance experiments, I’ll be stepping up the complexity to culminate in a cable salad of live broadcast TV hardware. Hopefully, if the colors and patterns don’t bring you joy, the mild suspense of this juggling act will.