It was great farewell to a memorable 2020 IEA residency year with a great AIR – alli logout. Alli was at the residency for the week of December 8-12, 2020.

Alli worked on image-processing footage they brought with them to the residency, and made performance recordings in the studio. Logout used the IEA studio imaging-tools for digital renderings, that suggest the “conscious and unconscious mind of Black Americans”. The recordings alli processed included footage from a “Cops” style tv program, and original footage of landscapes and farm-scapes of the American South, as well as performance footage of their band which was shoot on VHS. The videos were processed on the Dave Jones MVIP and with custom TouchDesigner Patches written for the IEA by EM faculty Eric Souther.

Alli brought to the residency footage shot in BRAW codec, this is a codec that in the past the IEA has had trouble supporting, but thanks to logout sharing with the IEA we now can support this codec in the studio and have expanded support for the HAP codec.

Thank you to all the AIRs who were with us this year, we are grateful for how much you and your art inspires!

Alli Logout (they/them) is a black, gender non-conforming filmmaker and performance artist whose work explores the South, the abject, and the body. Most recently Logout won the 2019 Barbra Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant. Their work creates cinematic social experiments in collaboration with non-professional actors to author counter-narratives from within their own communities and subcultures. Centering Blackness and Queerness in the South, the creation of those identities, and their deconstruction, Logout’s work utilizes the material of lived-in stories to propose a new form of being, not as a fantasy, but with feet firmly planted in the now.

Their work has been seen nationally and internationally, including exhibitions and screenings at the SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco, BFI Flare, London, Mix NYC, New York, and the Korea Queer Culture Festival, Seoul. Their film Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush (2015) won ‘Best Feminist Short’ at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival. Logout is also the writer and vocalist of the punk band, Special Interest. They are co-founder and co-director of Studio LaLaLa, a black and trans operated production studio focused on aiding underprivileged communities in the creation of their own narratives.