On 16 October, the International Self-Portraits Project was inaugurated in the Polyglot Room of Proyecto´ace, with the presence of Joseph Scheer, director of the Institute of Electronic Arts (IEA) of Alfred University and Aodi Liang, former Research Associate of the same university. Both traveled to Buenos Aires to carry out different activities, including a conference within the framework of the Master of Electronic Arts at UNTREF (Scheer) and an artistic residency at Proyecto´ace (Liang).

The Self-portraits project is an international collection of graphic work developed under the direction of Alicia Candiani, with the original idea of ​​bringing together artists from different cultures to visually explore the theoretically complex problems of self-representation as an expression of identity. After the launch date in 2006, Candiani has been invited by nine art institutions from Argentina, Mallorca, and Cuenca in Spain, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Kansas City, Montclair, and Anchorage (Alaska) to execute the project.

In 2018, during her stay in the Expanded Media Division of Alfred University in New York, USA, Alicia developed the topic of self-representation during a semester with her students from the Artists ’Multiples course. Joseph Scheer and Andrew Deutsch, video artist and director of the Expanded Media Division, participated as guest artists. Along with them, other teachers from the division such as William Contino (Professor of Print Media) and Myles Calvert (Visiting Professor of Print Media) joined the project with their own representations.