Rebekkah Palov tabled for the IEA at Press Play 2019, held at Pioneer Works in Redhook. NYC.

The IEA brought its collection of IEA records, a project spearheaded by IEA MEMBER, Andrew Deutsch, Sonic Arts. IEA Cd titles include artists Stephen Vitiello, Andrew Deutsch, Tetsu Inoue, Keith Rowe, Yuya Ota, Carrier Band (Peer Bode, Rebekkah Palov, Steina, and guests) Joseph Nechvatal & Pauline Oliveros.

Along with CD’s the IEA brought its collection of excellent artist books, commissioned and produced at the IEA, including books by Pam Joseph, Robert Brinker, and IEA Director, Joseph Scheer.

It was a great summer event to communicate the range of IEA activities with the independent publishing community.