The IEA was joined by ray ferreira of Brooklyn, NY, for an artist residency over the week of March 13th. ray, who received her MFA from Hunter College in 2016, uses Englishes, Spanishes, and body languages to explore ways, which her body is manifested and manifests worlds, and ways her body aims to create a different ontoepistoethics. She views her texts as modular, pieces coming into and out of existence, stretching across spaces, times, and matters.

Throughout her residency ray split her time between recording sound and video and putting together a layered composition of processed video and audio recordings. ray melded together video she shot of the snowy weather conditions experienced during her residency (which was enough to close the University for one day) with hand gestures and shadow play with spoken word-processed audio to produce a piece that touches upon themes of loss and memory. ray also produced a small series of digital prints from past and present work.

Below are images from Ray’s residency: