Brooklyn, NY, artist Eto Otitigbe took part as an artist in residence over the week of June 2th, 2016. Eto, polymedia artist whose practice includes sculpture, performance, and installation, seeks to investigate issues of race, technology, politics, and human interaction. Earning an MFA in Creative Practice from the Transart Institute (2012) and participating in the Bronx Museum’s AIM Residency program and biennial in 2013, Eto’s art can be experienced as type of a creative protest, a cultural artifact, or a radical sculptural environment.

Over the course of his residency Eto explored many different printing techniques available in our studios. Eto primarily focused on a set of etched aluminum plates he prepared ahead of his residency to print with on our presses, inking them as one would a steel plate and printing these on a variety of papers. Polymer plates produced with our platemaker were also made from photos taken of a series of photo taken and edited in the studio during his week. Add to these a series of 60″ digital prints to sum up a very productive week spanning all levels of our facilities.

Below are images from Eto’s time at the IEA: