Jeremy ‘Mores’ McWreath joined us from Brooklyn, NY, for an artist residency across the week of May 23rd. Mores, a graduate of the University of Southern California who currently serves an adjunct professor at Cooper Union, sees his work as building self-contained worlds that both offer up a mirror to our contemporary society and present potential alternatives. Using drawing, sculpture, sound-design, and poetry to create worlds where photography, performance, and video can take place, Mores creates scripts using found and invented text that he manipulates using techniques drawn from literature. This practice channels an ardent burning desire to critically examine the world by filtering new technologies through his mind and body and out into his art.

During his time at the IEA, Mores sought to utilize the analog facilities to record and process new video and audio material for current and future projects. Mores used the green screen and Panasonic HD mixer to put a lot of himself into his work, layering himself into a crowd of previous recordings. Mores also visited the New York State College of Ceramics’ Scholes Library to research the origins of our historical equipment and of the toolmakers and artists to further add to his recordings. Along with work on the Doupfer to generate sound, Mores both produced polished pieces and plenty of material for future edits.

Below are some images of Mores at work: