The IEA proudly hosted Debora and Jason Bernagozzi as artists in residence for the week of March 14th. Both received their MFAs from the Electronic Integrated Arts program of the NYSCC School of Art and Design, 2002 and 2010 respectively, come with a diverse range of print and time-based media work with attention to signal processing and image manipulation.

Debora and Jason are also co-founders of Signal Culture in Owego, NY. Signal Culture is an environment where innovative artists, toolmakers, curators, critics, and art historians who are contributing to the field of media art are provided with time and space to make new work and to interact with one another. In addition to their residency program, Signal Culture organizes public exhibitions and produces resources for researchers and practitioners in the field of experimental media art as a way to expand support beyond the residencies.

For their IEA residency, Debora and Jason worked across many of our facilities to produce artist prints from their processed video work. They both produced a multitude of digital prints from our large format printers as well as a series of three color offset woodblock prints from images derived from video stills of their time-based work. IEA Co-Director Joseph Scheer personally helped Debora and Jason produce and refine their offset lithography prints as the media and technique was a completely new experience for the artists.