Jeremy Wiles-Young joined us for an artist residency over the week of February 8th, 2015. Jeremy, or Brooklyn, NY, received his MFA from CUNY Brooklyn with a focus in creating sound and video pieces that incorporate sculpture elements to create appropriate spaces for viewing, hearing, and interacting. His interest in technology and how it can be re-purposed to create social meaning and interactions often focus on economic and political theory, future theory, open-source software and programming, and alternative modes of production.

Throughout his residency Jeremy focused on resource gathering processing previous and newly recorded video and audio work though the IEA’s Doupfer instruments, the MVIP, and other real time processing tools. These videos were processed further through Jeremy’s custom software to create rough drafts for future video compositions. Jeremy also showed work at the Open Screening held by IEA Co-Director Peer Bode’s video arts class.

Below are some images of Jeremy at work and a rough edit of MVIP processed video.