Brooklyn based artist Traci Molloy participated in an artist residency at the IEA over the week of May 18th. Exploring adolescent culture, loss, and violence through photography, digital arts, installation, painting, and printmaking, Traci collaborates with students and youth to create powerful works in various forms uncovering topics and issues affecting adolescents which are often hidden from society, either voluntarily or by society simply overlooking it.

Traci’s residency was broken up into two parts. During the first half of the week Traci worked with students at the nearby Wellsville Central High School conducting interviews and collaborating on work for her continuing projects working with youth. These resources will be combined into digital prints, some at life scale, with photos of theses students with their identities’ obscured by the confessions of personal violence in their lives. Traci took the opportunity with the rest of her residency to print images for another series of work, On Absence, which comments on the randomness of violence, notions of place, absence, loss, and bereavement. An alum of the School of Art and Design at the New York State College of Ceramic’s BFA program, Traci also got the opportunity to work in the school’s glass shop, a medium she worked in as a student but has not been able to since. The plans to use the forms she created in future work.

Below are images from Traci’s time at the IEA: