This past December the Institute for Electronic Arts, along with the Division of Expanded Media of the School of Art and Design at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, participated in the multi-media exhibition entitled Global Fold: 43º Latitude: The 17th Art Festival at the Jilin College of the Arts at the School of New Media of Jilin College of Art in Changchun, China. The School of New Media is one of China’s premier institutions of Digital Media that has an outstanding program and facility.

Opening December 10th, 2013 and running to December 17th, Global Fold featured prints, video, and interactive work by selected artists who have worked at the IEA, including Woody Vasulka, Brandon Ballengée, Phillip Stearns, and many others, as well as work by the IEA Co-Directors, Peer Bode and Joseph Scheer, and artists from the Division of Expanded Media’s Electronic Integrated Arts graduate program, undergraduate program, and faculty and staff from the Division of Expanded Media.

IEA Co-Directors Peer Bode and Joseph Scheer worked with IEA member William Contino and EIA student Dan Anderson along with some of the students of Jilin College of Art to set up the show.

At the opening for Global Fold Peer Bode and Joseph Scheer spoke to a large audience along with many high-ranking members of the Jilin Academy of Art, and also talked to them about the work being displayed at the show.

The Institute for Electronic Arts also has been recently invited to join the School of New Media, Jilin College of Arts’ International Studio of Interactive Media. This creates opportunities for visiting artists to do collaborative work in a world-class studio of new media. Joseph, Peer, and IEA member Xiaowen Chen met with members of the International Studio of Interactive Media to see the IEA inauguration through and also delivered some lectures to Jilin College students during their time there.