Through the week of February 17th, the IEA was host to Steven Randall as an IEA artist in residence. Steven is a recent BFA graduate of the School of Art and Design at Alfred University and has worked as a high-school art teacher, a researcher, and a docent in addition to continuing his art practice. Working with ideas from his personal memories and the collective consciousness, Steven’s work often incorporates childhood memories, scenes from movies, book covers, imagery from myths, detritus from the street, and stories passed down through the generations, among other inspirations.

During his time at the IEA, Steven worked through many lines of work. Using the Epilog laser etcher Steven produced two 3D fiberboard head sculptures as well as etchings of old, deteriorating book pages in sheet wood and a “painting” of dust into a mirror. He additionally produced a series of large-scale prints on canvas of a variety of imagery, from scans of used steel-etching plates from printmaking to pages from a recovered diary and photos of himself covered in graphite. Many of these prints Steven is planning to paint into later, and we will update this page with documentation of the finished work when he is able to photograph them.

Below is a collection of images of Steven at work and some of the work he produced: