Over the week of June 17th the IEA welcomed Rebecca Najdowski of Santa Fe, NM, currently residing in Berkley, CA, as our artist in residence. Rebecca works primarily in photography and video media, drawing viewers into the sense of wonderment our natural world can provide, as well as inserting literal and illusionary magic into that world.

During her time at the IEA, Rebecca pursued two projects simultaneously. The first was to venture into a new media in her work and create an interactive video piece, utilizing Max/MSP Jitter. The video used is of the natural phenomenon known as the Pororoca on the Amazon River, and some surfers who ride this continuous river wave to catch far longer rides than they would be capable with ocean waves. In Rebecca’s piece, as viewers approach the screen the time mapping of the video is shifted, as well as the colors of the imagery. In addition to this project, Rebecca also worked on a series of laser etchings into acrylic sheets, using imagery from theoretical mathematical shapes and forms. Rebecca plans to display these later with other imagery showing behind the etched acrylic sheet.

Below is a video of the interactive video piece Rebecca worked on during her residency. Please note this is very much a work in progress and may not closely resemble the future form this project takes.