Tammy Renée Brackett will be in the here in the iea March 14th-18th. Currently an Assistant Professor at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation, Brackett will be coming to possibly work on new surround sound pieces and perhaps delving into HD video.
An artist statement from her website:

“Critiques of the impact of scientific “breakthroughs” on identity formation inform Brackett’s work. Using new media and traditional artistic mediums, she explores the factors that contribute to the invention of new identities and the overlapping fluid structures behind them.  Through disciplines such as biotechnology and cartography, her art demonstrates the impossibility of finding any absolute structure governing identity or pinpointing its location. Brackett raises questions concerning the manipulations of science and mass media as they define human epistemology on both an individual and collective scale, and her work explores the blurry ethics of a frenetic acceleration in acquisition of scientific knowledge.

Brackett’s work uses scientific data, such as the Map of the Human Genome, brainwave biofeedback, and DNA frequencies, as elements in her musical compositions and surround-sound installations. By using her own voice to generate the frequencies of DNA, she combines the individual human with its collective representation. These compositions in turn create video imagery when they are used by a computer program that remaps the information into a video matrix. Brackett has exhibited in Japan, Croatia, Hungary, China and the United States and was included in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s biennial exhibition, Beyond/In Western New York in 2005 and 2007.  She received the 2005 College Art Association Professional Development Fellowship for Visual Artists, funded by the NEA.”

More information and samples of her work can be found on her website: * http://www.whitedogrecords.com/

* This is a dead-link please visit tillmore.net