February 05, 2024

Clare Gatto and Kara Güt are two image-based digital artists working collaboratively on hybrid installations inspired by fantasy role-play video game design. These installations are based in the world of a ficti- tious fantasy of their own making, called “The Cloud of Unknowing.” Each installation serves as a “level” for the game, becoming a generated constellation of patterns and texture, using the image as its central building material. Using strategies of input/output, they construct spaces that collage the physical and digital, creating imperfect translations and impossible objects. Existing within this precarious duality, the works emerge as copies of copies, or artifacts extruded through digital space and back again.

Clare Gatto & Kara Güt Artist Talk, presented in the Division of Expanded Media’s Harland Snodgrass Gallery.

Portal One, Photogravure Work Sample.

Christopher, Visiting Assistant Professor of Video, assisting Kara with Motion-Tracking Suit.

Kara & Clare rigging Motion-Tracking Suit.

Christopher preparing Motion-Tracking Suit sensors.