August 08, 2023

Jacquelyn Strycker is a Brooklyn/Queens-based artist working primarily in printmaking, collage and fibers-based media. She is concerned with the relationship between decoration and function, and invested in material exploration and handicraft. Strycker has a BA in Visual Arts from Columbia University and an MFA from Tyler School of Art. She is presently a faculty member at Pratt Institute and a faculty member and the Director of Operations and Online Curriculum of the MFA Art Practice department at the School of Visual Arts.

Her work has recently been exhibited at Kunstraum Gallery, Brooklyn; Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, Solomons, MD; Peep Space, Tarrytown, NY; Collar Works, Troy, NY; and Piano Craft Gallery, Boston; She has participated in residencies at ArtPod Berlin, Gaia Studio, The Women’s Studio Workshop and the Vermont Studio Center, and she has been selected for the inaugural cohortof the Print Center New York’s New Voices program. She is a 2023 Queens Art Fund grant recipent.

At the Institute for Electronic Arts, I was able to create materials that will be used for a new body of work, If you believe in magic, magic will come to you, that explores home, and play through color, pattern and geometric abstraction.

Borrowing from the language of quiltmaking, I draw patterns based on vintage wallpapers, household textiles, and domestic clutter that become matrices for prints. I came to Alfred with files created from these drawings. From one file, made from a drawing of a quilt square that was tiled and shifted in various directions, we created a 3-color laser cut woodblock print, Embers from the Campfire. I used other files to make dye sublimation prints on various fabrics- spandex, velvet, chiffon, microfiber. When I return to my studio in LIC, Queens, I’ll cut, sew, and stuff them into larger, draped works and soft sculptures. I’m really excited about the dimensional possibilities for these.

I also printed images that I generated from risograph print collages I’d previously made, and then brought back into a digital space and further manipulated. I like how one work generates the next. Physical works are made digital, and then re-rendered into tangible objects. – Jacquelyn Strycker

Embers from the Campfire, Three-color Relief Work Sample.

Run 1: Embers from the Campfire.

Run 2: Embers from the Campfire.

Jacquelyn inking up the wood block matrix.

Jacquelyn operating the Stienmesse and Stolberg Flatbed Offset Press.

Jacquelyn, Initial Dye Sublimation Test.